Looking back on the history of One Movement Media
Since 2005, we have had some great memories with "Scouting Radio"
On the 1st August 2007, Scouting Radio broadcast the Scouting Sunrise from every time zone of the world with the assistance of volunteer reporters. Our site gained over 250,000 streams in one night.
Since 2005 Scouting Radio have broadcast live coverage of the World Scout Jamboree in UK 2007, Sweden 2011, Japan 2015 and USA 2019.
Since 2005, with the help of QBSA staff Scouting Radio have broadcast live from 4 BSA National Jamborees in Fort AP Hill and the Summit Bechtel reserve.
Since 2005, Scouting Radio have broadcast from 5 Scout Australia National Jamborees with the help of JNN TV including Elmore, Cataract Scout Park, Maryborough and The Bend